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6510 Ohio 605
New Albany, OH, 43054
United States

Divinely inspired beauty products and sacred rituals that celebrate both body + soul.  Lovingly made in small batches, with only natural ingredients, each has been blessed by a Shaman and infused with intentions of love, healing and magical transformation.

The Ritual of Candle Lighting

The Ritual of Candle Lighting


We light candles to illuminate darkness, dedicate prayers, solidify intentions, enhance meditation, offer blessings and bring comfort and positive energy to our surroundings. Sacred candle lighting rituals have been embraced by myriad cultures and religions worldwide. 

The candle’s flame has a unique ability to touch the deepest part of our soul with warmth and enchantment, while its fragrance quietly transforms our space. 

Beautifully fragrant Saint Main candles are made with precious essential oil blends and are lovingly hand-poured into our bespoke vessel. At the heart of each candle is a shaman-blessed crystal. When lit, they emit a heavenly aura of fragrance and spiritual energy to embrace you with light and love.

We welcome you to bring ancient rituals into your life with the practice of lighting one of our Soul Crystal candles.

Saint Main Lighting Ritual:

Close your eyes and take a few soothing breaths. Place your hands lovingly over your heart and give yourself permission to let go and deeply connect with your own divinity.  As you light the candle recite a loving intention and prayer for yourself.  Let the flame draw you in and caress you with its warmth. 

Light around me, Light above me, Light within me…light a candle to celebrate your divine beauty -lolo