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6510 Ohio 605
New Albany, OH, 43054
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Divinely inspired beauty products and sacred rituals that celebrate both body + soul.  Lovingly made in small batches, with only natural ingredients, each has been blessed by a Shaman and infused with intentions of love, healing and magical transformation.

The Science


The Science

What makes soul infused beauty products more alluring than conventional beauty products?

Beautiful things with meaning have always inspired me.  Several years ago, I became fascinated with “Hidden Messages in Water”, the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emotos.  His research is a provocative example of how our thoughts, prayers and intentions can have an actual physical effect on the molecules in everything around us – the undeniable relationship between science and spirituality.  He photographed water molecules after they had been infused with positive and negative thoughts. Incredibly, the negative thoughts, which included hatred and profanity, produced dark and irregularly shaped molecules while the molecules blessed with positive intentions were beautifully shaped in perfectly symmetrical formations.  I found this discovery so inspiring that I have framed pieces of his work hanging above my bed that represent every blessing I want in my life…prosperity, hope, happiness, harmony and peace.

Embrace Positive Energy

Everything is energy…we have all heard stories or perhaps experienced personally how prayer and positive energy can truly create miracles. Scientists have now proven that prayer actually does impact the healing process. An analysis of over 1,500 reputable medical studies revealed that people who pray are happier, healthier and live longer and when prayed for can even heal faster. A study at San Francisco General Hospital showed 393 cardiac patients, prayed for by strangers, recovered more quickly and required less drug treatment -- what a powerful testament to the power of positive energy!